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How to make the real Poncha?? Where do you can drink the best Ponchas??

We help! :)

One of the most typical drinks in Madeira? Poncha of course!

Also the Madeira Wine, Rum or the Coral beer. But Poncha is one of the drinks the locals enjoy the most and tourists.

There are different ponchas: passionfruit, fisherman (only lemon, sugar and rum), regional (orange and lemon, rum and honey) and tangerine for example. These ones are the most typical, now other flavours are also getting popular like english tomato...


-Poncha regional:

2 lemons

2 oranges

1/2 soup spoon of sugar

Bees honey (add as you wish, after you taste it you can add more honey or leave it like it is)

Aguardente de cana da Madeira Rum (same quantity as the juice from oranges and lemons you will squeeze)

1- In a tall glass/recipient put the lemon peel.

2- Add the sugar (1/2 soup spoon) and smash it.

3- Squeeze the lemons and oranges.

4- Add the juice to the previous mix in the tall glass. Mix it very well.

5-Leach the mixture into a jug. And add the aguardente (madeira rum) and the honey.

6- Mix it very well and it's done :)

If you try Poncha in Madeira, the best places we recommend it's Poncha Serra D'Água in Encumeada

and the Porto de Abrigo in Sao Vicente

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