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Some Madeira Secrets - West

The West of Madeira secrets and amazing places to visit! Places you can discover in our West Tour!


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Natural Pools Seixal

If you are going to the west you have to visit Seixal, a small village that belongs to Porto Moniz in the North side of the island.

In this village you can swim in the wonderful black natural sand beach. One of the only natural sand beaches in the island.

You also can visit the ''véu da Noiva'' Waterfall and the Natural Pools of Seixal.

Porto Moniz:

lava pools porto moniz

Porto Moniz most popular spot? The Lava Pools.

Here you can enjoy and have a swim in this pools, atlatinc ocean. This pools have everything, shower, bar, restaurant, locker rooms, and only 1,50€ and you can stay as long as you wish.


west tour madeira

In Fanal you can admire the Laurel Forest, nature, peace...

An amazing scenery, very special and unique. Also some Levad walks and trails that you can do!

Book with us the West Tour and discover amazing places :)!

madeira west tour

veu da noiva

madeira west

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