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With over 100.000 residents, Funchal is the largest city in Madeira. It was able to modernise while maintaining an authentic historic centre that will surprise you.

Funchal is known for its handicrafts, wine and pleasant climate. In addition to the fabulous historic centre, where you can visit the Blandy wineries, Sé Cathedral, the statue of João Gonçalves Zarco, the market Mercado dos Lavradores and many hidden secrets that you can find in the Madeira Wine and City  Tour. The city will offer you one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, and friendly people who will know how to welcome you.



Câmara de Lobos is a small picturesque village on the south coast of Madeira Island, 8 km from Funchal. In addition to discovering the photogenic historic centre with its colourful fishing boats, you will find, next to the village, one of the highest cliffs in Europe, Cabo Girão.



Cabo Girão is one of the highest cliffs in the world with an approximate height of 580 metres and the viewpoint offers breathtaking views over the surroundings of Câmara de Lobos, the sea and the Fajã do Cabo Girão. In addition to the stunning views, know that this is a site of choice for paragliders and base jumping.

In 2012 a suspended glass platform (Skywalk) was built and it allows you to test your limits, especially if you experience vertigo.



The city of Santana has some points of interest, but it is undoubtedly the typical houses, with thatched roofs, that delight those who visit this place. However, don’t get your hopes up because unfortunately you won’t find many of these houses. You can find some next to the City Hall and at the Madeira Theme Park.

Also know that the entire municipality of Santana is listed by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve due to its natural wealth, in which the Laurissilva forest stands out, where several endemic species of the island’s fauna and flora predominate. It is also here that you will find the highest peaks of Madeira: Pico Ruivo, Pico das Torres and Pico do Areeiro.


Véu da Noiva Viewpoint:

The Véu da Noiva viewpoint is one of the most beautiful on the island of Madeira. From there, you will be able to admire the beautiful waterfall with the same name and the north of the island.

When looking at the height of the waterfall and the high load of water flowing along the slope, you will have the impression of seeing a bride’s veil (hence the name).

The viewpoint is located on the old ER 101 road that connected Seixal to São Vicente. Until a few years ago, it was possible to pass under the waterfall, but in 2008 there was a huge landslide that destroyed part of the road and the tunnel that passed under the waterfall.


Porto Moniz:

Porto Moniz is a small town located in the northwest of the island, famous for its natural volcanic pools, much appreciated by tourists. After a swim, don’t hesitate to visit the São João Batista Fort (1730), which currently hosts the small Madeira Aquarium.

You also can't skip Seixal, this small village has a beautiful black sand beach.


Ponta do Sol:

Located in the south of Madeira island and about 24 km from Funchal, this beautiful village is another destination to consider when visiting the archipelago! Here, you can explore the streets by the sea, admire the interior of the church Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Luz and, further away, the beautiful small palace Palacete do Lugar de Baixo.

When leaving Ponta do Sol, do not hesitate to follow the old road (ER101) that connects Ponta do Sol to Madalena do Mar to pass under the beautiful waterfall of Anjos and discover the old tunnels that will give you the impression of entering a cave.


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