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One must do - The 25 Fountains Levada Walk!

Updated: May 9, 2021

The most popular Levada in Madeira! But we know how to avoid the crowds... :)

25 fountains
Rabaçal - 25 Fountains Levada Walk

Thousands of people everyday mostly during the summer (July, August and September).

This walk is beautiful! And easy to do. Only 9km in total (go and back).

And if you start the Levada before 9:30h you will have it ''only'' for you.

Tentilhão / Chaffinch

Come with us in this adventure, you can book this Levada with us here.

With our local guide that will take in this Levada and explain you about the forest, nature, plants, history and culture. Picl-up and drop-off included.

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