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Madeira belongs to Portugal and it's formed by two habitated island (Madeira and Porto Santo) and two inhabited islands (Desertas and Selvagens).


The island has about 253 000 people. Funchal it's the most populated city!


From a political point of view since 1976, it is an autonomous region endowed with an administrative political statute and its own government bodies.

The region's economy is fundamentally based on the tertiary sector and tourism is the main source of income for the regional economy.


Agriculture in Madeira is characterized by small farms aimed primarily at regional and national consumption. The main products are the wine, bananas, potatoes, flowers and sugar cane.


Fishing in Madeira is essentially characterized by its artisanal nature, with emphasis on the capture of black scabbard fish and tuna.


In the industrial activity, we highlight the small industries oriented towards local consumption (pasta, beer, sugar production and packaging, cement, among others) and those of artisanal nature: Madeira embroidery, tapestry and wicker articles for export.

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